Hi, guys!

After a butt-tonne of work*, Spirits of Suburbia is now a proper website what you can read on the internet. I am so excited, I constantly feel like I’m gonna throw up. Woo!

It’s super great to share this with you all. It’s the first time I’ve done a big project like this and I hope it’s a thing you enjoy. I’ve had heaps of fun making it.

What with this being a first-time thing, if there’s stuff you notice that isn’t working for you or you have some ideas on how stuff could be done better, I’d love to hear your feedback. Likewise, if there’s stuff you like. I’m just about to start drawing Chapter 2, so if there’s stuff you want more of, I can totally add more of that stuff!

Thanks so much for checking out Spirits of Suburbia! If you like it, share it around!

*sitting on the couch and drawing while binge-watching seasons of Hell’s Kitchen