Hello! This week marks the start of a newer, prettier Spirits of Suburbia!

I’ve changed up the art style, and I’ve gotta say I am super pleased with how it’s turned out! I’ve still got a lot of improving to do, but I feel like things are on the right track.

The one downside is that making things look nicer takes up a lot more time, so I’ve had to scale back the size of the update to five pages. I’ve plotted out the last few parts of this chapter as 10 pages a part, so they’ll be going up in stages. This week is the first half of part 10 and next week will be the second half. I might be able to pump out bigger updates once I get faster with my snazzier colouring, but we’ll see how it goes.

For the next few weeks, the updates might end/start a little awkwardly compared to how they’ve gone in the past.  I’ll be writing the next chapter with the smaller updates in mind, so the story will flow better week to week. It’ll just be a little hiccup!

So! Let me know what you think of the newness! Now’s a great time for feedback, while I’m still coming to grips with how things look and getting started on the boards for chapter 3. Hit me up on Twitter or Facebook or email!

Thanks for reading!

x Elyce