Hi, friends!

Hope you’ve had a swell week. I’m on holidays, which means I’m gonna try and get ahead on this here comic, and also probably binge watch a lot of cooking shows. It’s gonna be heck of great. Also, seeing as I’ll have a bit more time, I’m gonna try and post some extra stuff on social media – works in progress, other doodles and whatnot – so go ahead and follow me on whatever social media you prefer. I’ve got my Twitter and there’s a Spirits of Suburbia Facebook and Tumblr page. SO MANY OPTIONS!

In other plugs, I set up a Society6 page last week where you can buy stuff like this shirt:

chiops allover t-shirt photo

And this bag:

pickled tote photo

So if you’re into that sort of thing, go check it out! I’ll be adding a whole mess of new designs over the next couple weeks.

Alright. Plugs over. See you next week for more comics and less shameless self-promotion.