Happy New Year, pals! Hope your 2016 is off to a fantabulous start!

It’s been a whole year since I decided to start Spirits of Suburbia, which feels absolutley ridiculous to me. I started planning and drawing the first chapter way back in January 2015. Holy heck. It’s hard to believe what started out as a holiday distraction is now this whole thing. I pulled a real Ben Wyatt. I’m slightly fearful of what will happen when I’m on holidays again in a couple of weeks…

I’ve got some sweet-arse plans for Spirits of Suburbia this year! I’m excited about the storylines we’re going to get to, now that we’re past all the introductions and whatnot. There’s a spare room inthe apartment just waiting to be converted into a studio space, so things will get a heap more professional, maybe? I’ll have a table to draw at, rather than just doing this on my lap on the couch, so that’s something! And with some saving and a bit of luck, I’m hoping to upgrade the whole computer set-up I have going on. I might just take this whole sucker digital this year – so maybe also a bit of an art-style change? Oh, boy!

Thanks so much for sticking with my little comic over last four months it’s been live. It’s been real nice to share this with people after so many months of puttering away at it on my own. If if wasn’t for you folks reading it, I probably would have given up on this project a while ago – like most of my creative projects. So thank you a whole lot!