S’up, friends! Welcome back as we kick into the fun part of Chapter Two – the dectective business. Aw, yeah. That’s the stuff.

In other news for the week, I watched and enjoyed the heck out of With Bob And David on Netflix, and then got super bummed tonight when I watched the making-of episode and saw the writers’ room was entirely white dudes. Way to make a lady feel excluded, guys!

So, you know, if any of you out there happen to be makers of television comedy, here’s a message for you – HIRE SOME DANG PEOPLE WHO AREN’T DUDES. HIRE SOME DANG NOT-WHITE PEOPLE. One of the main things about comedy is surprising your audience and going to unexpected places, and you can do a better job of that if you have a DIVERSE range of voices trying to come up with the stuff. IT WILL MAKE YOUR WORK BETTER, YA DINGUSES. *end rant*

See you next week, when hopefully I am less bummed and inclined to rant into the ether!