Welcome back for the action-packed fourth installment of Spirits of Suburbia! Did somebody say “chase sequence”? I did. I said chase sequence, because all good crime stories need a chase sequence. That is a fact.

Right now, I am being procrasti-productive – posting up this week’s comic instead of doing other writing I am supposed to be doing. It’s amazing how much junk you can get done when you have something more important you should be doing.

Hey! If you’re in Melbourne, like I am, you should get yourself down to the Melbourne Fringe Festival. There’s a tonne of good stuff on. If you’re following me on Twitter – it’s just there on your left if you aren’t – I’ll be tweeting out a bunch of reviews of comedy shows over the next couple of weeks, so maybe get along to a couple of those. Hooray!

Alright, folks. See you next week.